Shame you ...???

Here is a tips to shame or fear to the position of women in top:

1. Reason: All shortages and shape my body will look.
TIPS: You must believe that your partner will be very enthusiastic if she looked beautiful your body, I believe that if your partner is very enthusiastic, the shortfalls have on your body will not be seen by it, if you are still in doubt then please try this tips , take your body to the front and place your hands on the side of his head. Hopefully, together with the body of the less sexy part of your body will not be seen by the pair. You can also try to use the lamp lighting mediocrity.

2. Reason: I will shake body.
TIPS: Control so that your body does not sway too shook with a more slowly but does not excite you down. Control this game with your body language, ask for the pair in order to keep your thigh and waist. If your breasts or stomach feels tottery, use bra or a sexy tank top according to your partner.

3. Reason: too long face makes me feel uncomfortable.
TIPS: Sharing the blow in a long time indeed sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. Because it actually does not have one if you switch views, or close the eyes a moment while enjoying the incredible sensation when your eyes closed.

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